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[vc_wp_text title=”13 JUNE,2024″]

FIN Jazz Pori VS Vaajakoski 1
ICE Vikingur Reykjavik VS Fylkir 1
IRE Cork City VS Cobh Ramblers 1
ARG Dep. Riestra VS River Plate 2
ARG Gimnasia L.P. VS Barracas Central 1
BRA Cruzeiro VS Cuiaba 1
EGY Pyramids VS Smouha 1
ETH Ethiopia Nigd Bank VS Bahir Dar Kenema 1
FAR B36 Torshavn 2 VS Klaksvik 2 1
FIN JJK Jyvaskyla VS JJK Jyvaskyla – Keski-Uusimaa 1

[vc_wp_text title=”12 JUNE,2024″]

AUSLIA WS Wanderers U23 VS Central Coast Mariners U23 1
WCQ Dominican Republic VS British Virgin Islands 1
AUSLIA Blacktown City VS Manly Utd 1
MLS Miami VS St. Petersburg FC 1 Postponed
AUSLIA APIA Leichhardt VS St. George City 1X
AUSLIA St George Saints VS Rockdale Ilinden 2
JAP Kashima Antlers vs Nara Club 1
JAP Kashiwa vs Grulla Morioka 1
AUSLIA Wollongong Wolves VS Sutherland Sharks 1
ARG Argentinos Jrs VS Central Cordoba 1


[vc_wp_text title=”31 MAY,2024″]

COPA LIB River Plate (Arg) VS Dep. Tachira (Ven) 1
AUSLIA Broadmeadow VS Cooks Hill United 1
AUSLIA Manly Utd VS Sydney FC U23 1X
AUSLIA Heidelberg Utd VS Dandenong Thunder 1
AUS 2 SV Oberwart VS SK Rapid (Am) 2
AUS 2 LASK (Am) VS Gleisdorf 1
AUSLIA Broadmeadow VS Cooks Hill United 1
AUSLIA Heidelberg Utd VS Dandenong Thunder 1
DEN Esbjerg vs AB Copenhagen 1
EURO Turkey W vs Azerbaijan W 1



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